Make Ada 2.0 in SolidWorks

by Cinnie Hsuing, Antennas Co-Lead

Here’s a fun tutorial to show you how to easily make parts and assemblies in SolidWorks, using Ada 2.0 as an example. You can read this guide as a PDF here

On the UBC Sailbot team, we believe that all team members should have at least a basic understanding of 3D modeling CAD tools to be able to better communicate their designs. We like using SolidWorks because it’s easy to learn and everyone in engineering at university learns use it in their 1st year of Engineering, and and most continue to use it in programs such as Mechanical Engineering, Integrated Engineering and Engineering Physics.

When I needed to revise the Ada 2.0 conceptual model to show where our antennas should go, I made this tutorial so that if more significant changes were needed in future, or if the person who made the original model graduated, it would be easy for others to pick up. We like how SolidWorks is easy for small revisions such as this one, and also for more complex design and force analysis.

Although Ada 2.0’s hull was designed using a combination of Rhinoceros 3D, Orca 3D, Bentley MaxSURF and SolidWorks, we use SolidWorks for connecting all the detailed elements so that everyone on the team can visualize what the boat will look like before she’s built.

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