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UBC Sailbot is looking for passionate students to join our student design team! If you are motivated to learn and expand what you can do in design, research, teamwork & hands-on work, connecting classroom theory into actual professional practice, we want you!


We’re looking forward to meeting you!

  • Meet us at an event OR fill in the the application form below. We’ll follow up by email!
  • Resume: Let us know your current level of experience; there’s something for every year level
  • Fun Puzzle: Helps you get a more realistic expectation of something you might do on the team
  • Interview: Helps us get to know each other better and understand what you’re most interested in
  • Please note that we cannot accommodate everyone who applies, but we’ll try our best to find a good fit
  • Our main subteams are Mechanical/Materials, Electrical, Software and Control

Recruitment Periods:

  • Our main recruitment period is in September each year. You can expect to see us in-person at Imagine Day & EUS Student Teams & Clubs Day. We normally have group interviews on the second and third Saturday after Imagine Day, so ideally contact us in the first week of school
  • We also recruit in January, May and other parts of the year on an at-needs basis. We will post in facebook if this is the case
  • You can try email us in other periods, but we can’t guarantee that we can bring you on at that time and might ask you to contact us again at the start of the next term
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