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UBC Sailbot is looking for passionate students to join our student design team! If you are motivated to learn and expand what you can do in design, research, teamwork & hands-on work, connecting classroom theory into actual professional practice, we want you!


We’re looking forward to meeting you!

  • Meet us at a recruitment event or fill in the the application form below. We’ll follow up by email!
  • Resume: Let us know your current level of experience; there’s something for every year level
  • Fun Puzzle: Helps you get a more realistic expectation of something you might do on the team
  • Interview: Helps us get to know each other better and understand what you’re most interested in
  • Please note that we cannot accommodate everyone who applies, but we’ll try our best to find a good fit
  • Our main subteams are Mechanical/Materials, Electrical, Software and Control

Recruitment Periods:

  • Our main recruitment period is in September each year. You can expect to see us in-person at Imagine Day & EUS Student Teams & Clubs Day. We normally have group interviews on the second and third Saturday after Imagine Day, so ideally contact us in the first week of school
  • We also recruit in January, May and other parts of the year on an at-needs basis. We will post in facebook if this is the case, and sometimes visit targeted classes.
  • You can try email us in other periods, but we can’t guarantee that we can bring you on at that time and might ask you to contact us again at the start of the next term

Application Timeline:

  • The best time to contact us is in the first week of classes of each term (September, January or May). If we are recruiting at that period, there will be a fun mini puzzle related to your subteam of interest, and we like to give people up to a week to complete it when possible, so we usually close submissions by the end of the second weekend of classes (i.e. 11:59 pm on the second Sunday). The specific date varies each term, so email us and fill in the form below in the first week of the term to find out!
  • Based on your submission and resume, you may be invited to an interview on the following Saturday midday, where there are a few more fun puzzles and questions to see how you work in a team
  • During the school year, team work parties are normally 10 am to 2 pm Saturdays, and we have a weekly weekday meeting based on which day & time most people could come, usually Monday 5 pm – 6 pm.
  • Please note that we cannot respond to recruitment inquiries in December or April, as these are exam periods

Summer 2018:

  • We will be recruiting for electrical and mechanical subteams, but the control and software teams are completely full
  • You also have the option to get professional development and networking experience on an industry outreach team, events team, finance team or social media team alongside your technical project
  • You can apply after exams between WED APRIL 25 and MON MAY 2, and we’ll send you back a fun puzzle related to your subteam of interest to try out and send back by WED MAY 4. We don’t expect it to be perfect, just to try your best with what you are able to research. We’ll be holding interviews SATURDAY MAY 5th on-campus in the afternoon to get to know you better and find out what you’re most interested in, so fill in the form below and email us as soon as possible after April 24th if you’re interested to join the team this summer!
  • During the summer, our main team work parties are on Saturdays, but we also have optional additional team meetups on weekday evenings at 6 pm and on Sundays for additional hands-on development or testing
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